About Us

Our Philosophy:
We provide customers with quality hard surface products supported by high quality
service. We emphasize quality,integrity,care and professionalism. And our goal is
complete customer satisfaction.

Custom Building Group provides the high quality of products and services because we
understand that the home is a place of comfort , a place to be proud of, somewhere
dreams are realized, where families grow and wonderful memories are made.

Customer Service Satisfaction Guarantee:
Builders and home owners know Custom Building Group  will offer unique program on
each customer's needs and requirements. With Custom Building Group you will always
be satisfied with performance and  punctuality . Guaranteed.

For Customers:
We are known for years for high quality services. Custom Building Group  has a solid
reputation for superior customer service. We offer:

  • 100% guarantee on product installation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Selection of floor coverings
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Responsive Warranty Repair Team to repair items under warranty
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Quality and care is our tradition
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