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Quality and care is our tradition
Hardwood flooring makes home more beautiful. The variety of wood species,
widths and finishes make hardwood floors complement any design and create
an aesthetic warmth. More then ever before, todays hardwood floors are much
easier to maintain and more durable. And now the selections range from the
traditional woods such as Maple and Oak to exotic such as Bamboo, Brazilian
cherry, Mahogany and cork.
When choosing hardwood flooring, you have to decide between solid or
engineered construction or prefinished versus unfinished.
  • Solid. Solid is milled from a single 3/4" thick piece of hardwood.
    Because of its thickness it can be sanded and refinished over several
  • Engineered. Engineered is produced with  three to five layer of
    hardwood. Each layer is stacked in a crossgrain configuration and
    bonded together under pressure and heat. Therefore engineered
    hardwood flooring is less likely to be  affected by changes of humidity .
  • Prefinished. Prefinished floors can be installed the same very day  and
    next day you can enjoy your new hardwood floors. It saves you time and
    less mess.
  • Unfinished. Unfinished floors installation takes a little bit more time to
    install,stain and finish. And it gives you solid look without v-groove
    between boards.
Custom Building Group presents famous brands such as: Kentwood
collection, Mullican flooring, Appalachian real hardwood floors.
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